Creative Destruction Beginners Guide

creative destruction beginners guide

Battle Royale game is the new buzz in gaming, and Creative Destruction is the latest heartthrob. Have you started playing the game? If not yet and wondering how to start, this Creative Destruction Beginners Guide is for you.

Creative Destruction System Requirements

Creative destruction can be played both on PC and mobile. For PC you need to have minimum Windows 7 and Intel Core i5 in your system. You need a minimum of 2 GB memory, but it is recommended to have 4GB, and the game size on PC is 5 GB. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 is recommended Graphics card, but with Intel HD 4600 you can run the game.

If you want to play Creative destruction on your mobile, the minimum android version should be 4.1. The game requires a lot of space and best played with 2GB or higher ram mobiles.

Creative Destruction Beginners Guide

What are the basics of Creative Destruction?

The game is well designed with tons of elements, and you need to know from the beginning of your objective. The game is all about loot and shoot.  So whenever you find loot, use it efficiently and protect yourself from enemy lines by aiming your weapons at them.

How to Land on a Safe Spot?

In the game, you will come down from the parachute and will be open to the world of enemies. It is the best tips to find a safe place for landing so that you get minimum time to equip yourself. Landing on the enemy-infested town is therefore detrimental. It is always best to land on the mountain so that you can trace your enemies being unnoticed. Find the best place to land and start your journey.

Why is Compass Necessary?

Your Compass is the best mate you have got apart from your weapon. While you will be on air to detect the best spot to land, you must use your Compass. Later in the game, you can discover the enemy footsteps through the Compass. You will get an indication of the available loot through it as well. So always get informed through the Compass and stay safe.

How to Find the Best Loots?

In the beginning, you have to prioritise your loots. It is always the best idea to go inside the building to find the best loots. As you enter the building, you will find a glow sign in your Compass. It is an indication that there is a chest nearby.

You can find loots inside the building, on top of warehouse or towers and sometimes amidst a spot in Eden. Check all cargo boxes, windmills, rocks bridges to find crates lying there. Before you delve into the enemy swamp, you must find a couple of good loots and equip with the element with you.

What Are Item Rarities?

You will find circle glowing around the weapons, and that indicates the rarity of it. There are five categories of the items found in creative destruction. Common items colour is white whereas Uncommon, Epic, rare and legendary items are of Green, Blue, Purple and Gold colour. Apart from Railgun, all other things have these five categories.

It is always the best idea to get rare and legendary items, but they are challenging to get in the beginning. So, try to check all the abandoned places to get the Uncommon and Epic items and kick start your journey.

What Are Bastions in Creative Destruction?

When the enemy surrounds you, the bastion construction is the best path you should follow. You can guard yourself in ambush through the bastion creation. Your instant energy is used to create bastions, and it gets recharged in a period.

Using Bastions wisely can change your game. You must use them to access a higher area and spot the enemy from the top. Also, you can find loots above the building where you can reach through it.

Another tip to follow is to create multiple bastions. It will confuse your enemy, and you can use one of them to escape safely.

You Must Play The Daily Missions

As a beginner, we always suggest you play the game with daily missions as primary targets. These missions will give you an excellent tutorial, and you can have rewards for completing them.

A Few More Creative Destruction Beginners Tips

Stronger weapons can be collected in chests, and your Compass indicates through a shiny icon.

You can use dismantler inside a building to destroy it. It will help suppress your enemy around.

Use left side shoot button when you need to run and shoot at the same time

Go for airdrop when the game indicates it.

Use the Season Pass premium free trial for seven days after few days of play. Do not forget to unsubscribe if you do not want to spend money.

Gold and diamonds play a vital part in the game, but the best loot is a weapon.

There are a few weapons available in the game which can be obtained through Premium passes only.

Final Words

Our creative destruction beginner’s guide is drafted to provide you with all the basics of the game so that you can kick start without failing in mission. The sandbox game comes at its best when you go for an advanced level. Follow our site to get the advanced tips and Creative destruction cheats.