Top 5 Games Like Creative Destruction

games like creative destruction

The battle royale games are admired by countless game enthusiasts, and this game category is also grabbing the spotlight in the gaming industry. You may have heard about Creative Destruction, which is getting lots of positive reviews and ratings.

Well, this game is similar to the other mobile games like fortnite and PUBG. But the game developers are adding some unique features to make it addictive. Creative Destruction has intense gameplay and advanced features.

If you are in love with this game, then you should also pay attention to the other alternatives. Many types of games can be found like Creative Destruction, but all of them are not the same. The games like Creative Destruction can be played in the first-person as well as a third-person perspective.

It is a sandbox survival game that focuses on the building as well as firing. In this game, you should try to survive for a long time, which is not possible by killing opponents.

Weapons are also important to consider for killing enemies and allies. It is also important for players to collect enough resources of the game to succeed. To know the other types of games based on the battle royale genre, you should keep reading this post. Here we are going to mention the top 5 games like Creative Destruction.

1. Fortnite

Fortnite is one of the popular battle royale games that you can play to have ultimate game experience. It is considered as the best alternative to Creative Destruction. When you begin to play this game, then you will be dropped into an island where you will find 99 other players to compete with.


You should loot weapons and other supplies to attack other players. The gameplay is amazing and also helps players to make their game experience interesting. You can play this game solo or in a group.

You can also do voice chat with your team members to get assistance or guide them. This game is also known as a clone of Creative Destruction that you can consider. The 3D graphics of this game are making it more impressive.

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2. Garena Free Fire

Garena free fire is a popular game with addictive gameplay and high-end graphics. In this game, you will be dropped on the map with the other 49 players. You should try to collect the resources and other stuff for competing against the opponents.

garena free fire

While fighting with other players, you are also allowed to stay in the safe zone. Many other interesting gameplay elements are waiting for you that you can explore after downloading this game. You can play this game individually, duo, or in 4-player squads.

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The game also offers the voice chat feature that is grabbing the attention of countless gamers. It also features different game modes where you can explore new features to have unlimited fun. You can win the game after putting your best possible efforts to be the last person on the island.

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You may all have heard about PUBG, which is loved by the gamers of all age groups. The addictive gameplay and amazing features of the game can easily make you fall in love with it. It is a first-person shooting game that is similar to Creative Destruction, where you should focus on your main objective.


Try to be the last person standing on a large map, and it is only possible after defeating the other 99 players.

Battle with other players and use the best weapons to get kills. The different types of modes are out there where you can get new experiences. The gameplay of PUBG is similar to Creative Destruction. If you love to play Creative Destruction, then you can also consider this game to get new experiences.

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4. Rules of Survival

Rules of survival is another Creative Destruction clone where you can compete against 120 players. Plenty of modes can also be found in this game that can help you to flavor up your game experience. In this game, you can explore the different types of weapons as well as vehicles.

rules of survival

Try to choose the right weapons as per your playstyle to get more kills. This game also works on the same aspects as Creative Destruction.

All you need to do is to kill other players to win over the opponents. If you are bored with Creative Destruction, then you should give it a try to experience something new and fresh. By playing this ultimate game, you can get a thrilling experience.

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5. Battlelands Royale

Battlelands royale is the same version of Creative Destruction, but it is small in size. If you are looking for the best battle royale game, then you can consider Battlelands royale. When you start playing the game, then you can come to know about its features and the gameplay.

battlelands royale

In this game, there will be 32 players, and the time for battles is 3 to 5 minutes. The game will start with the parachute, and then you need to choose a location to drop.

After this, you should do everything as you do in the Creative Destruction. Loot all the weapons, and then you should start killing other players to improve your winning chances. Many types of weapons can be found in the game, and you can also customize them.

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Let’s Wrap it Up

Creative destruction is a new mobile title, but many other clones are also out there. You should try out all the other games that are similar to Creative Destruction. In this way, you will never get bored. You should try out all the aforementioned games that are based on the Battle Royale genre.

Download any of these games on your device to get started. It is important for beginners to learn the basics of the games in order to play like a pro. Know everything related to all the games similar to Creative Destruction and then take your steps forward. In this way, you can get unlimited fun and enjoyment.